– a selection of previous work

We look out:


2016 – Digital print on acrylic

A post brexit vote reaction to a new fractured landscape and the rush towards re defined boarders and neofascism… 

Do we need to know where we are to know who we are?:

(detail), 2016, Digital projection, scaffold, wood (Installation view)

A moving concrete poem directly informed by conversations with people in a state of flux, which is beyond their control. Loss of power, loss of agency, yet still fighting and never giving up. 

From the Land to the Sea to the Sky:


2016 – video, duration 4 min for outdoor projection

Moving through water, moving through air and mindful gestures of a journey often taken but yet to be made. 

From the Land to the Sea to the Sky, A Journey From Here to There:


2016 – Laser etched acrylic, projected digital drawing

A document of two day expedition from Thetford Forest to Sandringham, along the Peddars Way Roman Road, with my son Charlie, by bike, 8hrs cross country riding, in all wethers with only a small tent for shelter.


2015 – Digital photograph, MDF, sash cord and weights

One day, one man, one dog, three hills. 

How Many Trees Make a Forest?:

2015 – 100 digital drawings with sound, (Exhibition view), Ipad and Printed Card

2015 – The Line in the Landscape, (Exhibition view), Concrete and wax, 10” x 5”

2015 – Lino prints, (Exhibition view), 10” x 10”

An exploration into the coexistence of the built environment and the urban tree.  With thanks to Attenborough Arts, The University of Leicester Curating and Museum Studies MA 2015 cohort and the Leicester City Parks and Trees department. 

A Body in Motion:


2015 – graphite, lithium grease, pigment, mdf, string (site specific)

Part of the 2015 Summer Art Trail Residency, a work inspired by a journey along the Fosse Way Roman road from the High Cross to the High Cross.


The Power of Falling Water – Without Horizon:

Moving image with sound, 2014

A two day journey of 56 miles, by bike and foot, following the River Soar, from its source in North Warwickshire to the River Trent on the Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire border.


2014 – Digital photography

A portrait of Leicester Secular Hall.

Ball room and Green were exhibited as part of Silver Vine Arts Poison and Remedy exhibition and awarded the 2014 Leicester LOFI award.

All images copyright Darren O'Brien. All rights reserved.